Before you book

In line with government guidance the Village Hall is now open for most events, including for children and adult exercise classes.

Please read our terms and conditions which provide information on booking terms (including cancellation) and activities permitted in the hall. In addition to our standard terms and conditions, certain special conditions of hire (.docx) currently apply due to Covid-19.

How to book

  1. Check availability and book online
    To make a booking, click the + in the top-right corner of the date.
  2. You’ll be invoiced for the hire of the hall at the start of the month following your event.

Hire rates

Please be aware that if you don’t book the entire Village Hall you may be sharing the kitchen and toilets with another user.

See our terms and conditions for details of local rate eligibility.

Local rates

Hourly rate (up to 5 hours)Fixed rate (5-10 hours)Fixed rate (more than 10 hours)
Main Hall£12 per hour£60£80
Meeting Room£8 per hour£40£50
Entire Village Hall£20 per hour£100£130

Standard rates

Hourly rate (up to 5 hours)Fixed rate (5-10 hours)Fixed rate (more than 10 hours)
Main Hall£18 per hour£90£130
Meeting Room£10 per hour£50£70
Entire Village Hall£28 per hour£140£200


In addition to the booking terms and conditions, the following Village Hall policies are relevant to hirers and explain key procedures and the standards we expect.

Policies will be reviewed periodically and may be updated from time to time at the discretion of Stainton Village Hall CIO.

Contact us

If you have any questions about booking, please contact