Listed below are the key policies governing how the hall is operated, managed and guides users to the standards we expect.

Please note that Stainton Village Hall does NOT hold a TV licence. This means that users should not use any equipment within the village hall to:

a) watch or record any television programme service; or

b) watch or record any television programme at the same time (or virtually at the same time) as it is being shown on any television programme service; or

c) watch or download any BBC programme on demand on BBC iPlayer, even if it is accessed through another provider, such as Sky, Virgin Media, Freeview or BT.

Playing and performing music at or from the village hall premises is permitted by The Music Licence subject to their terms and conditions which can be found at: https://pplprs.co.uk/themusiclicence/

Policies will be reviewed periodically and may be updated from time to time at the discretion of Stainton Village Hall CIO .