Welcome to our gallery of pictures recording each stage in the construction of our new village hall April 2018 to March 2019.

Construction of the new village hall

Stainton Village Hall opened 22 March 2019
Clock kindly provided and fitted by The Cumbria Clock Company
Rendering complete by early March 2019
Rendering of external walls begins February 2019
Stonework at entrance
Roof is tiled and windows fitted December 2018
Roofwork begins November 2018
Steel frame for the village hall entrance
Steelwork added October 2018
Walls and windows taking shape September 2018
Walls rise and stonework for windows August 2018
Steelwork begins July 2018
Walls rising from the ground in July 2018
Work well underway on 28 June 2018
Foundations for new hall taking shape by June 2018

Plans for the new village hall

SVH Plan
Plan of the new village hall showing detailed layout.
DB355.12F Elevations
Front elevation view of the new village hall

Demolition of Old Village Hall – April 2018

Site cleared within days.

Demolition begins.
Old village hall fenced off ready for demolition.